A global network of experts supporting and advising on a novel way to retail, as well a founding member of the World Hospitality Alliance:
Ganessan Suppiah
GSA Hospitality

Sydney, Australia

Alessandro Crotti
Direct Your Bookings

Bangkok, Thailand

Christina Spykerman
GSA Hospitality


Rick Schultheis

London, U.K.

Guillaume Filly

GF Travel Cons.

Paris, France

Christina Wiedemann

GauVendi/ Press

Frankfurt, Germany

Graziella Pica
Power Up Sales

Milan, Italy

Rosa Maria Perez
Power Up Sales

Madrid, Spain

Katy van Ranst
Power Up Sales

Brussels, Belgium

Sonia Tapia
Power Up Sales

Madrid, Spain

Hannah Longman
Bright Side Marketing

Gran Canaria

Oscar Gómez

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Deb Gee
GSA Hospitality

Auckland, New Zealand

Reny Prawira
GSA Hospitality

Melbourne, Australia

Winnie Chui
Hospitality Host

Hong Kong

Shanta De Silva
Evangelist GauVendi

Sydney, Australia

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The Intelligent Feature-Based Hospitality System

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