Feature based booking engine

Smart preconfigured stay options

Feature upselling tool

Room allocation tool

Insights & reporting

Retail & revenue management


A novel retail solution

GauVendi Retail System for Hotels

Empowered by Inventory Management Intelligence

Guest booking insights & reporting

booking engine

Revenue management tool & advisory services

upselling tool

allocation tool


An individualized retail experience for your guests

Guests can select room features, search matches and pick their own room

Guests love the GauVendi retail experience because they

enjoy a larger variety of room and stay experiences.

are able to customize their stay experience online.

can book smart stay options relevant to travel periods and people traveling.

can pick their own room and only pay for features they want.

Hotel operators love the GauVendi Retail System because they

can now yield and upsell individual room features, assets and services within defined demand periods and travel purposes.

place idle room assets on the shelf and monetize them.

make their own retail experience non-comparable to OTA’s & other 3rd party distribution platforms.

automate the room allocation process and match guest needs – less free upgrades.

improve organic search due to new and unique data available online.

gain new guest insights to steer capital investment decisions improving their customer experience.


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We and our alliance partners believe in agile and customized sales, marketing and technology products & services focusing on building the business and gaining market share for our clients. Find an a la carte approach providing access to markets that matter to you!

Sales & Marketing Partnerships

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Technology Partnerships

Pilot Integration Program

GauVendi & apaleo (PMS) are partnering  for an early adaptor program. Further property management system (PMS) connections are under development – more information upon request.


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