• Why should I try GauVendi and change the way I am selling my room inventory?

    Did you ever want to be an early adaptor, a leader and not a follower? 


    The GauVendi Retail System is elevating the way you can manage YOUR most profitable assets - your rooms! By creating a lot more and subtle price points, allowing inventory restrictions on a feature level enable you to optimize your occupancy and average rates like never before.


    In addition, this way of selling incentives your guests to book direct, allowing for real stay personalization, finally a different argument than just mentioning a “best price guarantee”.

  • We have so many other priorities, why should I add another project to my list? 

    GauVendi doesn’t take up too much of your time. In fact, our clients actually appreciate the detailed review of their inventory since it benefits the long-term positioning of the property. With results like increasing traffic to own sales channel, boosting loyalty and excelling in booking satisfaction, this cannot be seen as ‘another project’.


    After piloting with us, you will have in addition to a fully revised room inventory, analytic results of booked features that help to better market your rooms through any channel in the future. Why? Because you will know exactly what features each of your rooms have and what guests’ book and are prepared to pay for it. Powerful information for your sales, marketing and distribution strategy moving forward!

  • What is the risk we take?

    None. The GauVendi online purchase experience and the voice purchase experience have tested way better than conventional booking engines on the market. The fact that you will need to invest some time to take a closer look at your rooms inventory is never wasted time. Your primary product and your most profitable asset is your room inventory. Without it, you wouldn’t exist!


    Why would you not prioritize the most profitable assets especially during times of distress?

  • How much time do we need to invest?

    You should plan at least one working day for your rooms inventory, documenting the valuable room features and attributes. From our experience we know that even hotel owners are surprised about their room features as they start reviewing each and every room and discovering new possibilities to monetize its unique characteristics.


    As a pilot hotel you receive free mentoring and in-depth exchange on an optimal retail approach for you. It is up to you of course if you like to start your retail approach closely linked to your current strategy and implement changes as you go or if you like to be more radical from the beginning. Over the course of months, you will have detailed information about user behavior, and we will support you to adapt your strategy accordingly. 

  • I have already a set up in place with a booking engine and a channel manager... 

    You can use GauVendi to improve your voice or email reservation requests, your loyal guest strategy and certainly provide a better customer experience through your website. In short, we are a retail management system where you can even use your current booking engine in parallel with the GauVendi purchase solution and letting your guests choose what they prefer. This is a great option for those who are not quite ready to make the plunge.


    However, we strongly believe that our retail management system for all your direct channels would further allow you to differentiate your experiences from your competitors giving you a competitive advantage.

  • GauVendi doesn’t seem to have an interface to the PMS system we are using?

    The fact that we have not listed your PMS system should not stop you from trying our solution. Let us know which system you are using so that we can plan together for a possible two-way integration. Until an interface is in place, you can test our solution using our Retail Management System to manage availibility and pricing manually with advanced restriction tools like “Minimum Stay Through” or “Minimum Length of Stay”.


    This allows you to make room restrictions for specific room attributes only matching your ideal occupancy strategy. Regular availibility and pricing upload reports might also be available subject to your PMS provider. Talk to us and we will provide you a solution.

  • How should we handle this operationally? This is another “channel” we have to manage?

    Your inventory management system is not “another channel” but can become your main hub to manage your inventory through all systems. Yes, it is new, the approach is novel, but the opportunity for you as hotel operator is enormous!


    The way inventory has been managed in hospitality has never been touched or questioned before so let’s challenge the status-quo. Start small, use our Retail Management System to test the solution for all or only partial room inventory and once you start seeing the benefits, you can adapt your operational setup! The GauVendi team is part of this journey and supports you along the way.

  • I have hardly resources that can manage this & I can’t spend much time on it myself...

    We can discuss the use case that best fits for you. Here are some examples and ideas to get you going:

    1. You can test the solution by just adding a defined number of rooms into the system – perhaps rooms with features you are currently not able to sell (connecting rooms, rooms next to each other, defined bedding types, special views, layouts). You can manage the inventory like a room allotment and limiting the availibility to lower and medium demand travel patterns.

    2. Make your rooms inventory only available to a specific user group such as your loyalty guests, long stays, events participants or for your email requests.

    3. Use it to set up a marketing campaign to find out what guests would like to book or select using a separate landing page – if they finally could book it online! The data you gain will allow you to evaluate what features to price and what investments to make for your rooms inventory.

  • We want to test GauVendi – what is your onboarding process?

    We have three initial steps to get you started. Most of the work is done by the GauVendi team to ensure a smooth onboarding. On the hotel side it is best to have one dedicated person to work with us, ideally from revenue, distribution, sales or marketing. 


    • We collect the initial data you can provide to us about your rooms (PMS print out report, sales & marketing material, etc.)

    • We set up a kick-off call to interview you and your team- The call will take approximately 45-60 minutes.

    • The initial set up is centrally handled by GauVendi. Upon completion, the retail strategy and approach are revised together with the hotel in preparation for the go-live date and matching the agreed use-case. 



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