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Introducing the Feature-Based Concept

Consumer Behavior & Pricing


Room Feature Combinations


Evaluating your Strategy

Four quick lessons to introduce how hospitality sells tomorrow!
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Introducing the Feature-Based Concept

Your inventory is typically clustered in a few manageable room categories. However, standard categories fail to capture the entire room experience. This results in idle room assets and a lack of transparency for guests during the booking process. GauVendi says "goodbye" to room categories and "Hello" to Room Feature Combinations. Some examples of these features include:

  • High Floors

  • Rooms with a View

  • Outdoor Spaces and Balconies

  • Special Designs and Spaces

  • Away from Elevators

  • Bathroom Fixtures

By re-thinking your "Superior" or "Standard" room classifications, you can market the unique features of each room, clarifying to your guests exactly what they will get and maximizing on your price-sensitivity strategy.

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Consumer behavior and pricing

Consumer purchase behavior is constantly evolving and it is very important for properties to consider changing the way they present their room inventory. Consider how you would address the "Purchase Mindset" on a scale of price sensitivity vs. the "Room Value Perception" on the scale of prices charged. Guests range from deal hunters to treat seekers and by focusing on a more personalized and transparent presentation of your inventory, you show that you recognize your perceived value. This results in more revenue for the same product.

Room Feature Combinations

Back in Lesson 1, we introduced some examples of Room Features and how to combine them. That might have sparked some questions about how to sell Room Feature Combinations through different Distribution Channels, including: Booking Engines, Channel Managers, Your Own Website, or via Phone, Email, and In-Person. This is possible when GauVendi's Feature-Based Hospitality System is connected to a property management system.

Evaluating your strategy

Take a moment to reflect on your current strategy and ask yourself if you identify with any of the following questions:

  1. Getting not enough business through your own booking engine?

  2. Low property differentiation potential?

  3. Lacking brand recognition compared to the competition?

  4. Suffering from unpredictable demand patterns?

  5. Pressure on pricing in the sea of sameness?

Discover new ways of selling that make you stand out with a feature-based sales approach:

Bait Shoppers

Sell room deals without details (opaque): Promote rooms directly with lower prices than through other channels and attract customers to your website. Upsell instantly through personalization.

Preferred Guests

Apply inventory rules on individual Room Feature Combinations comprising pricing plans, restrictions such as minimum length of stay, payment terms, cancellation terms, and allotment management capabilities.

Persona Selling

Sell the same physical rooms under different names, at different prices with different room features included or highlighted to different customers or sold through different channels.

New Revenue

Increase Revenue Per Available Room (RevPar) by monetizing more room features and measuring price elasticity of individual features to optimize pricing for all Room Feature Combinations sold across all channels.

Flagship Store

Enable exclusive booking experiences for your own sales channels. Allow personalization with "Pick Your Room Match" and predictive A.I. generated repackaged room products. 

Story Telling

Offer relevant stay packages and promote experiences with purposely created Room Feature Combinations. Market uniqueness online through advertising channels and metasearch sites improving your organic search traffic.

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