We empower hospitality operators to stand out and make their proprietary sales channels the preferred choice for their guests. We enable a truly personalized & fun retail experience, a stage to strengthen the brand and making the purchase process non-comparable to other channels, helping operators to recapture and own the customer journey.


    We know that hotel rooms have different attributes and features but are often clustered in the same room category like standard or deluxe rooms. The reduction in the amount of room types was necessary due to limitations of online distribution channels or just because too many room types confused guests during their online booking process. Hotel inventory management practices have been also dominated by legacy systems limiting hotels to offer their true inventory variations and personalized stay options online - despite the availability of new technology solutions. 


    The result of the legacy inventory management approach suggests that hotels often have plenty of idle room assets and features which remain hidden during the booking process but which guests still desire and are often willing to pay for. Another challenge remains that many room attributes and features vary in value subject to season, guest preferences or purpose of stay. Why would you pay extra for a balcony during a cold season unless they smoke?


    The simplification of room inventory as well as OTA practices made hotels very comparable, limiting hotel differentiation and are a key reason why hotels are often being seen as a commodity. In the absence of a strong brand recognition, national star qualifications and customer reviews are the only quality assurance consumers can relate to, prior booking a hotel. As a result of this development, hotels are often dependent on OTA's  paying up to 20% commission in absence of failing to differentiate their own retail experience and customer journey. 


    GauVendi is a novel retail system for hospitality experiences and connects to common Hotel Property Management Systems. We enrich the data for retailing, so hotels can sell room attributes, features and experiences through their own distribution channels, making the booking process unique to their property, whilst also continue to sell classical room types on third party distribution channels.  


Making the booking process transparent, unique & fun,  allowing for true personalization.

Bringing all experiences & hospitality assets including individual room features on the retail shelf.

Making attribute & feature based selling a reality, improving the purchasing value perception for the guest. 

Retail System for Hotels

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