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A Game Changer in Hospitality

Updated: May 14, 2021

What is the difference between booking directly or with an OTA? What’s the added value a customer gets from choosing one over the other? What if there would be a way to make a difference?

Offering the possibility to re-invent the booking journey means giving the power to the customer to tailor their experience, making them have a reason to choose your direct channel!

This gives a sense of purpose as clients can immediately feel the added value they get by gaining control over the features they want their room to have as opposed to just selecting a room type.

In the following videos, we talk about how feature-based booking can become a reality!

Let your customers be in control of their booking experience.

How can your customers feel like they are back in control of the booking process?

Over time, when it comes to booking rooms, customers' choices have been incredibly restricted. They had no options to personalize, no options to book what they really wanted.

How can we give them back this control? By introducing, gamification - offering a game-design element that can and should be applied to your hotel's booking platform.

The ability to personalize, to pick and choose room characteristics instead of room types will make any customer feel in control of their booking. As a result, your customers will feel more loyal towards your hotel as you are offering them something extraordinary - far removed from their standard experience.

In the following video, we talk about the gamification effect and how to give control to your customers:

How To Stand Out From the Crowds?

In the following video, we discuss how to make customers book YOUR hotel rather than the competition. Our suggestion?

An innovative approach: A dual distribution strategy - a flagship store approach.

What will this do?

Consider the blue ocean effect - you'll become so unique in the customers' eyes that you are automatically out of the pool of competition.

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