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Leave Traditional Selling Behind: Outsell Your Competition with AI and Hyper-Personalization

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

It's time to drop the old way of thinking about Attribute-Based Selling (ABS) in the hotel industry. While ABS has been talked about for a long time, until now, legacy tech providers and big chains haven't really delivered anything significant. In fact, the only company that has a real live solution for ABS is GauVendi.

So, what is ABS? It's the unbundling of the room experience, coming from the airline industry. ABS is not about ancillary upsales, it's about breaking down the room experience into different attributes so guests can choose which ones they want to book during the reservation process.

But GauVendi has gone beyond ABS. We call it hyper-personalization, where we use AI to predict the optimal room features and attributes for each guest. The way guests purchase has changed, so we allow them to choose their preferences and show them the best match, but we also predict room feature bundles based on their travel profile. For example, if other travelers arriving with kids have chosen corner rooms on lower floors with access to the terrace, we'll suggest those options to other families as well.

The results of selling this way are game-changing. Every second guest is upsold to a higher-value room product. Average rates increase by over 20%, and conversion ratios on the website triple in some cases. This is the kind of personalized selling that Amazon has been doing for years with their "people who bought this also bought that" approach. It's time for the hotel industry to catch up.

In order to do ABS, inventory must be managed in a new way, much more granular. But once you do this, a whole new playbook for selling experiences opens up. Now we can do cool stuff like Amazon or sell with social proof tactics like "most popular" or "stand room high floor with skyline view."

GauVendi has a cloud-based sales system that enhances the functionalities of a PMS, RMS, and replaces a Booking Engine with a Sales Engine. Our system uses AI for sales, revenue management, and automation. We have a new data structure that redefines room inventory management and allows for hyper-personalization through polydynamic and feature-based selling. Polydynamic enables selling each room multiple times and adapting the sale based on the guest's profile, while feature-based allows managing and selling inventory based on room characteristics and attributes.

If you're a hotelier looking to boost revenue and provide a personalized guest experience, it's time to look beyond ABS and embrace hyper-personalization. With GauVendi's innovative solution, you can provide your guests with a unique and tailored experience, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty while also boosting your revenue. By leveraging AI and a granular inventory management approach, you can offer guests the exact room features they desire, leading to higher upsells and conversion rates.

It's time for the hotel industry to catch up with the likes of Amazon and other personalized selling pioneers. With GauVendi's Sales Engine, you can take your hotel's revenue management and sales strategies to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your hotel stand out in a crowded market and provide your guests with an unforgettable experience.

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