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PRESS - GauVendi Brings Hyper-Personalization to the Hospitality Industry with its Sales Engine

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Frankfurt, 15. February 2023 - GauVendi, the hotel sales platform founded by senior hospitality experts in May 2020, has announced the arrival of hyper-personalization in the hospitality industry with its innovative sales engine. Powered by AI and novel sales tactics such as attribute-based selling and labeling, the sales engine is delivering impressive results. Hotels using the GauVendi solution have seen hotel average rates increasing by 20% and more.

Testimonials speak to the success of GauVendi.

Kurt Inderbitzin, owner of Cornell Inn in Lenox, USA, credits GauVendi for reducing reservation calls by 70% and increasing sales by 25%: "With GauVendi, our guests now find the specific room they want online, making it easier for them to book and for us to manage reservations."

Harald Ultsch, Managing Director of harry’s home hotels & apartments from Innsbruck, Austria, is equally impressed: "GauVendi’s room booking configurator allows us to fulfill our brand promise 'create your stay', providing even better guest experiences and boosting our revenue from day one."

To complement the sales solution, GauVendi is now launching its latest game-changing automation functions: Dynamic Inventory Management and Revenue Engine. These functions streamline the front office and reservation teams by automating best-fit room assignments, making it easier to achieve maximum occupancy and revenue. The platform's Revenue Engine provides competitive benchmarking and daily feature-based pricing, further optimizing sales.

"Our goal is to empower hoteliers with the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive market," says Markus Mueller, Co-Founder of GauVendi. “With GauVendi’s innovative sales engine and automation functions, we believe we are contributing to achieving this goal."

For more information on GauVendi and its hyper-personalized sales engine and automation functions, please visit


About GauVendi

Founded in 2020 by experienced industry experts, GauVendi offers a comprehensive solution for sales, revenue, and automation with its groundbreaking AI-powered central sales system. The poly-dynamic and feature-based inventory management allows hoteliers to decouple the physical room from the product they sell, giving them the flexibility to sell the same room differently to different segments and channels. GauVendi's proprietary data structure enables hyper-personalized accommodation experiences, transparent booking processes, and higher returns. As the world's first system, GauVendi combines sales and distribution strategies with property management and channel management for a unique, cutting-edge solution.

Media Contact

CW-PR Kommunikation - Christina Wiedemann – Hasengasse 21 – 60311 Frankfurt am Main Tel: +49 172 6873371 - E-Mail:

Company: GauVendi GmbH - Feuerwehrstrasse 10 - 60435 Frankfurt am Main

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