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PRESS: GauVendi solves the issue of manual room assignments with its AI-Driven solution Inventi-Flow

  • Inventi-Flow changes the way hotels manage their room allocations and offers unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

  • This innovative solution helps hotel operators optimize their operations and reservations to achieve their revenue or occupancy goals effectively.

Frankfurt, September 18, 2023: With the introduction of Inventi-Flow, GauVendi revolutionizes room allocation through AI-driven features.

With this additional solution from GauVendi, hotel operators ensure that every guest receives the right room while optimizing inventory to maximize revenue or occupancy. Another advantage of Inventi-Flow is that it also takes into account operational constraints such as housekeeping constraints. What was previously a highly manual task can now be intelligently automated with less time and effort, relieving staff and addressing labor shortages.

Currently, most reservation departments still allocate each reservation manually. This process is not only time-consuming but also requires a deep understanding of hotel inventory. This challenge is significant for every operator, considering the shortage of skilled staff members in the hotel industry and high turnover rates.

Existing automated allocation systems usually do not consider specific guest preferences. Instead, their logic relies solely on room categories and basic, unchangeable rules. Furthermore, gaps are not efficiently accommodated, ultimately requiring manual adjustments to the already allocated reservations to optimize the room plan.

This is where Inventi-Flow comes in, ushering in a new era with intelligent algorithms that replace employees' intuition in optimizing room allocations with clear strategies. Inventi-Flow uses advanced optimization techniques to reevaluate reservations and determine the best room allocation, taking into account various constraints and revenue enhancement possibilities.

The system allows hotel staff to adjust allocation settings, such as maximizing occupancy, maximizing revenue, or room cleaning efficiency for different periods. This enables them to make informed decisions that align with the hotel's specific business objectives.

"Traditionally, hotels have always manually allocated reservations, which diminishes the value of the booking due to the additional effort. Hoteliers often don't quantify the effort involved in manual room allocations. They consider it simply part of the daily tasks for the reservation or front office team. However, there are compelling reasons to automate repetitive tasks like these. Besides staffing shortages, the time hotels spend on assigning and reassigning a single reservation can be very costly," says Carina Stegmayer, Co-founder of GauVendi. "The larger the hotel or the higher the occupancy, the more likely it is that allocations for a single reservation need to be made multiple times. When hotels start measuring this effort, they will soon realize that intelligent AI-driven technology can save costs and resources while benefiting both staff and guest satisfaction."

Hotels that have already used Inventi-Flow in the pilot phase have saved hours of work and optimized their room plans through the solution.

What customers say:

  • "A priceless time-saver" - I am surprised by the remarkable time-saving capabilities of the tool. Inventi-Flow assigns all our reservations, considers group bookings, and even manages the assignment of overbooked categories taking into account the value of each reservation. Robin Cremer, Ferienpark Salzberg, Schleiden-Gemünd

  • "Unmatched Tetris Player" - I am using the tool daily and spend 10 minutes in total optimize the reservations. Particularly now during our high demand period it has been a precious tool to have! Andrea Rico, Citzentral in Valencia.

  • "Confidence in purposeful assignments" - We have incorporated the tool to our daily routines and adapted our operational processes respectively. Room assignments are no longer made on the personal preferences of team members, instead, we can now make decisions based on clear strategies and thoughtful considerations. The process is very transparent and we can comfortably implement the recommendations. Verena Sülberg, arthotel bakker Borkum


About GauVendi

Founded in 2020 by experienced industry experts, GauVendi is an AI-based, feature-based inventory management platform for individualized sales, differentiated distribution and innovative automation for hospitality businesses. GauVendi converts room categories into feature-based inventory and, in turn, into relevant and tailored stay products for better guest experiences, distinct brand positioning, improved operational efficiency and maximum return on investment. By the way, GauVendi stands for "Gaudium Venditio," which means the joy of selling.

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