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PRESS - Reinventing Hospitality with GauVendi

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Frankfurt, 15. February 2023 - The hospitality industry is facing a major challenge in creating brand value and achieving a RevPAR premium. Despite the recent advancements in digital transformation and automation, these only serve to improve margins, but not build a brand. GauVendi, a provider of innovative hospitality technology, is here to change that.

Founded in 2020 by a team of experienced tourism leaders, GauVendi offers accommodation providers a comprehensive solution that includes a sales engine, revenue engine, room inventory management, and automation processes. This solution enables the sale of hyper-personalized stay experiences, transparent booking processes, and higher returns on real estate.

In a side conversation with hoteliers during the recent Hotel Revenue Forum in Milan early February, co-founder Markus Mueller spoke about the current state of the hospitality industry and how GauVendi is revolutionizing it. "The industry is still caught up in legacy systems, old data structures, and tech-stack ideas that all overlap in their offerings. Our belief is that the brand strategy and customer journey should come first, before deciding on a tech-stack. Why should we choose your tech-stack based on how guests are checked in, when it should be based on how you can position and sell your experiences in the market?" says Mueller.

GauVendi is the first globally to connect each property's optimal sales and distribution strategy with Property Management Systems and Channel Managers, offering a unique solution in the hospitality industry. "We believe that technology should support the sales strategy, not the other way around. GauVendi is doing just that – digitalizing the defined sales strategy and using technology to implement it," adds Mueller.

As an example, Mueller explains the difference between a branded and a non-branded product. "Imagine two identical T-Shirts, one sold without a brand for 10 EURO and one sold as a brand for 60 EURO. The difference in sales is the brand premium. While it's great to know that the non-branded T-Shirt was created fully automated for a cost of 1 EURO and the branded one was manually made for 10 EURO, you still make a lot more money with a stronger brand."

With GauVendi, hoteliers can finally break free from the constraints of legacy systems and traditional tech-stack ideas, and embrace a comprehensive solution that prioritizes the brand strategy and customer journey. The future of hospitality is here, and it's with GauVendi.


About GauVendi

Founded in 2020 by experienced industry experts, GauVendi offers a comprehensive solution for sales, revenue, and automation with its groundbreaking AI-powered central sales system. The polydynamic and feature-based inventory management allows hoteliers to decouple the physical room from the product they sell, giving them the flexibility to sell the same room differently to different segments and channels. GauVendi's proprietary data structure enables hyper-personalized accommodation experiences, transparent booking processes, and higher returns. As the world's first system, GauVendi combines sales and distribution strategies with property management and channel management for a unique, cutting-edge solution.

Media Contact

CW-PR Kommunikation - Christina Wiedemann – Hasengasse 21 – 60311 Frankfurt am Main Tel: +49 172 6873371 - E-Mail:

Company: GauVendi GmbH - Feuerwehrstrasse 10 - 60435 Frankfurt am Main

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